Oak Hill Boys Ranch is a Therapeutic Campus based program that works collaboratively with young people and their families to facilitate the development of supports and skills that enables the clients to live successfully in a family and/or community setting.


Respect: Our interactions shall be delivered in a warm caring manner, by being present and in the moment to the people we serve and with each other.

Dignity: Our interactions shall support individual worth, value others as being unique and capable, as well as serve to provide value to others and ourselves.

Genuineness: Our interactions shall be open and non-defensive while spontaneous and congruent with the organizational values.

Commitment: We shall make decisions and deliver services within the best interest of the child(ren) and shall remain dedicated to their interest.

Integrity: We shall demonstrate dependability while striving for service excellence at every level of the organization.

Empathy: We shall demonstrate and communicate understanding in our interactions with children and families as well as each other.