Oak Hill School

Oak Hill School

In partnership with Sturgeon School Division, the Ranch offers educational services through an on-site Junior High School Program. The focus of the educational program is both behavioural and educational. Behaviourally, each student has an individual program plan (IPP) that addresses specific behavioural needs with respect to classroom behaviour and learning. Regardless of their behaviour, students attend school daily although some may need to have their day shortened for behavioural reasons.

Educationally, the school offers a full compliment of core and optional classes delivered by a team trained in special education. The team consists of a school principal and seven (7) teaching personnel. These services are delivered in a state of the art facility. The facility offers small class sizes, an industrial arts shop, a technology lab, and a full size gymnasium.

The school is fully integrated into the other services offered by the ranch including the daily communication systems, participation at all service team meetings, shared weekly lunches, Awards Night activities, Halloween activities and the annual Christmas party.

Oak Hill School also holds regular school activities that involve parents such as Open House and Parent Teacher Interviews. These have been highly successful.