Clinical Program Consultation and Individual Therapy

Oak Hill residents receive therapy from minimally a masters level clinician registered with a professional association. Individual sessions occur at a frequency that is determined by the psychologist/clinician and the young person, and ranges from weekly to monthly sessions depending on the needs of the young person. In addition, psycho-educational assessments and crisis intervention services are also provided. Therapy focuses on assisting the resident in overcoming challenges experienced in their family of origin as well as supporting the child’s developmental and treatment needs associated with the referring issues through the use of specific therapy techniques. Areas of therapy may include:

Therapies for past family of origin issues:

Therapies for self regulation:

The main goal of therapy is to facilitate a process in which the young person can experience positive self-regard and develop the confidence and skills to make positive, responsible and safe choices so that they may be reintegrated into their families and community.

In addition, the Clinical staff provides consultation services with the milieu staff, participates in case conferences and submits a written report every ninety (90days) to Children’s Services.