Family Focused Services

Family Services are a prominent part of the Oak Hill Boys Ranch and further enhancement is proposed. Over the several years, the Ranch has formed strong partnerships with families and increased their involvement in the program.

a. Family Involvement in the Milieu

Families often feel disempowered by public mandated services and involving their participation is often challenging. However, the Ranch is encouraged by the efforts, experience, and expertise of the residents’ families. Every effort is made to maximize the Ranch’s interactions with families. These efforts include formalized practices such as: weekly phone contact, bi-weekly parent groups and organized Family Days. Open invitations to participate in milieu programming include meal preparation and activities such as craft nights. Formal invitations are extended to families and service team members for organized events such as Parent-Teacher Interviews, Award Ceremonies, and annual Halloween and Christmas celebrations. The Ranch values the families’ participation in the program and in their children’s lives. Due to effort and attitude, the Ranch has achieved success in working with families.

b. Parent Orientation and Parent Resource Group(s)

Oak Hill Boys Ranch facilitates a Parent Group. The Parent Group is facilitated by an experienced Family Liaison Worker. The purpose of the group is to increase parental involvement in the program, provide support to parents with respect to their parenting skills, and provide education in Family Systems. The group is parent-directed and consists of six bi-weekly sessions and is offered three times per year.

c. Family Support

Family Work is an essential part of residential treatment that provides the bridge between the residential treatment center and the family home. Family therapy and family support will provide further insight into family functioning and will facilitate a process of change in the home.

d. Family Visits

Oak Hill Boys Ranch is in the process of developing a family visit program. These services will provide opportunities for families to stay on campus for short periods of time. There is a full functioning mobile trailer that will support family visits with and without direct supervision. This offers the families a level of independence and privacy with in the context of the treatment program. This component is currently under development and will commence in June 2013.